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I have some advice today that I think might help you if you're thinking of making changes in your home or business.

Don't allow social media "influencers" and fast changing interior "trends" dictate the way you design your home.

As a designer I love trends. They're like your favorite junk food. Fun to eat, but the lasting effects aren't nearly as satisfying as a carefully cooked meal, with the perfect ingredients carefully combined to make a culinary masterpiece that satisfies not only the tastebuds, but the soul.

Trends are good in fashion, because it's so much easier to change your outfit than your dining room furniture.

(There are literally more than one-hundred-million posts on Instagram with the hashtag #interiordesign. This is just a minute sampling, taken straight from the most recent posts page).

It's no wonder people get exhausted trying to figure out how they want to approach home design and projects. Instagram and Pinterest have literally MILLIONS of options, showcasing every latest and greatest idea, palette, style and trend. There's a downside to this, however.

Design is not just how something looks. It’s also how it feels and how it works for you. It's how it fits your lifestyle. This cannot be overstated. If you design your home based on the latest trend on social media, you will likely only love it for as long as it takes for a new trend to come along...and on Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms, that could mean just a couple of weeks or months.

My suggestion? Peruse the written interior design greats, like Architectural Digest and Interior Design magazines. Pick up a couple of classic interior design books. Sure, there are definitely trends in interior design, but if they're worthwhile, they move at a snail's pace, and they always have a pinch of the "classics" in them. They rely on history, art and years of design experience, not clickbait. Really great interior design is timeless.

Here are just a few examples of designer's own homes. All photos are courtesy of Architectural Digest.

The top floor of Anouska Hempel's country estate.

Victoria Hagan's Nantucket getaway.

Muriel Brandolini's artistic and bold dining room.

Bold and lavish, it's no holds barred when it comes to Tony Duquette's studio home.

As you can see, a trained eye and a developed sense of style can create just about any type of interior that goes above and beyond anything you'll find on social media. From serene to playful and bold, interior designers can create a look for you that stands out in the fray.

And, there's nothing like working with a designer who can take all those Instagram and Pinterest posts that you love and turn them into a design that you will love, and will also last for the long haul. This is known as 'holistic' design, and applies many practices heavily dependent on scientific studies and methods while focusing on research, technology and innovative design approach. This is why interior designers spend four or more rigorous years learning how it all works and how to apply design in real life. It's how we can take a client's wishes and dreams and Pinterest pins and Instagram 'likes' and turn them into something beautiful and lasting.

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