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Favorite Finds of Fall

I made some wonderful discoveries this week while looking for fun, original items for my more daring clients (and not-so-daring clients who just want a quick pop of color or an adventurous room re-vamp, and would love to share.

This fall I'm very into color, botanical designs, and pieces with an artistic flair, and finding new things that pull at my design heartstrings is such a delight.

Look what I found!

These bright, embroidered chairs would be fabulous in a contemporary or culturally themed dining room. I think they would look best on a hardwood or color-infused concrete floor. They're from Chair Whimsy on Etsy, and they are $800 for the pair.

One of my favorite new finds is a company called The Curious Department. If you love your colors saturated and your designs unique, this is worth a check-out.

Here's their "Zellandine's Emerald Brooch" cushion against their Electric Lagoon wallpaper. The cushion is 85 euros, and the wallpaper runs 125 euros per roll. Definitely worth checking out, even if to just peruse their eye-popping use of color and design.

Design details are critical to bringing a room together. If you're an Arts and Crafts kind of person with an Arts and Crafts kind of home, you might enjoy this Jennings Flower switchplate from Artifaqt. It runs about $20.

These Graham and Brown colors make me swoon. They paired their "Allure" wallpaper with a fireplace painted in "Nightshade". The wallpaper is $140 per roll. Perfect for an accent wall.

This Elmwood Peony Flower Mongolian cabinet would add a pop of color to any space, and its timeless, antique vibe would work magic in a dining room, bedroom OR living room. Come to think of it, I might turn it into a sink for a stunning bathroom accessory.

So that's the hunting and gathering I did this week, some for a client and a few for myself. Honestly, I love redesigning for myself ALMOST as much as I enjoy making magic in my client's homes.

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