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Updated: May 28, 2020

Between 2011 and 2017 I owned three beautiful brick and mortar boutiques in Oklahoma called Luna Joon. They were magical purveyors of my handmade perfumes and incenses, chic clothing and jewelry, and adornments for the home. I loved my little shop, not only because it was lovely and provided a good income, but it was also a hub for women to gather and connect. I often held engagements such as private shopping parties, Wine, Cheese and Poetry night, and gallery evenings that showcased other artisan sellers.

I had locations in Tulsa, Weatherford, and in the little cobblestone travel destination of Medicine Park. Each shop had a slightly different feel...but each kept the same heart and soul that kept our customers coming back to visit.

I loved selling clothing, because I love fashion. I guess all good design is a passion for me.

When I moved back to the Seattle area a couple of years ago, I continued to sell my perfumes, incenses (burning papers) and body products in my Etsy shop. Now that my website has an online shop, I'd love to offer the same things I offered in Luna Joon. During the pandemic, I've had a little extra time to start an online store, and hope to get everything up and running by the beginning of June, when things start to open here in Washington State.

Making things beautiful is one of my favorite things to do, whether it be a home, a restaurant, a retail store or even just a closet or office space. Someday soon I hope to have the best of both worlds - an interior design and boutique combination, where women can gather and connect.

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