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Updated: May 1

Welcome to Chez Toi! I'm very excited you decided to visit.

Let me tell you a little about myself, and why I'm here.

Throughout my life, I've had three major careers. The first was journalism - print and broadcast. I wrote stories for television and newspapers...mostly investigative reporting, sometimes feature pieces, and once I wrote an interior design column for a newspaper in my hometown. My second career was in retail business, owning an upscale boutique, a spa, a gallery and a children's clothing store. My third career began in 1997 as an interior designer. I did commercial and residential design, transforming homes, yoga studios, retail stores, restaurants and bars.

Then I went back to journalism. Then retail. And now, at age 60, I'm back to interior design, with 11 years experience under my belt.

But here's the thing: I've found the perfect blend of all three careers, since I love them equally, and would enjoy spending the next decade or two juggling them (since I find juggling to be quite enjoyable).

I'm taking clients (I just finished one commercial project, and am currently working on another), while at the same time I'm creating and selling magical perfumes, incenses and home products through my retail line, Luna Joon (something I've been doing for the past decade, and loving it). I hope to get my online shop opened soon - I think you'll love the things I make and blend.

And then there's writing and publishing. I've got a blog now (thank you for reading it), and I'm in the process of creating and publishing a zine called "The Apothecary". It's a saucy, creative, tongue-in-cheek publication containing DIY projects, tips on entertaining, recipes, stories and a delightful cast of characters to guide you through their odd world within the pages where they live.

So that's my story and why I'm here. I'd love to meet you, too. Let's get to know each other.

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