Papier D'encens - Dolce

Papier D'encens - Dolce


Papier D'encens, our bestselling incense papers, are based on the ancient art of creating fragrance and ambience for your home without harmful chemicals or overpowering incense sticks or cones. Based on a recipe developed in the 1800s, our quality oil and resin infused burning papers are the among the best.

Ancient, romantic and hand-crafted, Papier D'encens is a unique and magical way to scent your environment.

Dolce scent is crafted with the sweet scent of vanilla bean and other aromatic oils, and smells a bit like burnt sugar and cupcakes. If Marie Antoinette had a favorite burning paper, this would be it.

Each screw-top tin contains 25 embossed discs, as well as an instruction sheet. Burning them is easy: simply fold them into an accordion shape (3-4 folds), place them on a flame-proof surface and ignite one end of the disc. The paper will burn slowly, releasing the precious oils and resins into the air.

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